John Panter,Certified RolferŪ and Far East Books

This is the Home(made)page of John Panter, Certified RolferŪ, and also of Far East Books.
RolfingŪ " is a profound method of body work developed by Ida P. Rolf Ph.D.

I trained in RolfingŪ at The ROLF INSTITUTE in Boulder Colorado, and am now in a degree program at DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have the wild idea of RolfingŪ my way through University. This is my fourth try at higher education.

Among systems of bodywork, RolfingŪ has three distinguishing features:

For more information about my ROLFINGŪ practice. click here.

I have also received training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy from the UPLEDGER INSTITUTE

I have been involved with The TAOIST TAI CHI SOCIETY for the last three decades. The Society was founded in Toronto in 1970 by the Taoist priest, Mr. Moy Lin-Shin.

Taoist Tai ChiŪ is a profound and thorough-going method of physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Although all forms of tai chi have some input from Taoism, the form Master Moy taught is informed by methods and material he was privileged to learn as a Taoist priest. Because of the input of these disciplines, Taoist Tai ChiŪ, has, in my opinion, a more focussed and concentrated power to change the practitioner than any other method available to the general public.
The Society started with five of us meeting in the Chinese Community Centre in Toronto and now comprises member clubs in some forty countries around the world. All of these clubs are charities, and all the instructors are volunteers.

I began Taoist Tai ChiŪ with Master Moy in 1971. In 1980, at his request, I moved to Halifax and founded the Halifax Tai Chi Society, which grew into the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada-Atlantic Region, teaching in all four Atlantic Provinces. The health aspects of Taoist Tai ChiŪ fit very nicely with those of RolfingŪ

In 1983 I started a bookstore, FAR EAST BOOKS, which is still open, barely. It deals in books on Oriental topics such as Religions, Martial Arts and Healing Disciplines. Since I've been neglecting the store while I got my RolfingŪ training, I'm setting up an online catalogue to get things moving again, at that page. FAREAST CATALOGUE You can e-mail me by clicking HERE.

John Panter 2/2/2000